practical information

How to use Nortrip

To park overnight at a host's, the host will require you to present a valid membership card. You can stay for maximum 24 hours. To make the experience as pleasant as possible for both Nortrip hosts and visitors, we have created a set of golden rules. It is expected that these are respected. Those familiar with Pintrip, France Passion etc. from Europe will probably nod in agreement.

Happy Nortripping!

Nortrip's golden rules

  1. Greet - both on arrival and departure. Show your Nortrip membership card upon arrival. If you do not get hold of the host on departure, most hosts appreciate a ”thank you note”.
  2. Respect the host listing. If it is not marked for long or heavy RVs, or toilet, water and electricity faciities, there is no point in asking about it. Do not call ahead unless the host wants you to call.
  3. Respect the arrival time and periods the host has closed. Also, be aware that there may arise situations causing the host to be unable to receive Nortrippers.
  4. Parking time is max. 24 hours.
  5. Dogs must always be on a leash, unless otherwise specifically agreed with the host. In some places dogs are not welcome at all. Remember to check the host page!
  6. Stick to your booking. There are limited Nortrip pitches at each host. If you cannot make use of your booking, please cancel it so that other Nortrippers can book the stopover.
  7. We encourage you to show interest in the host’s products and services. It is a great way to express gratitude for a free and safe RV park. Of course, there is no purchase obliga- tion.
  8. Ask for permission and clarify any payment before using the host’s facilities (electricity, water, toilet, etc.).
  9. Ask for permission before approaching the animals, feeding the animals, making campfi- res, equipping yourself with chairs, tables and other camping equipment, including awnings and footrests. Also respect the host’s private part of the area.
  10. Avoid contamination and leave the area clean. This also applies to sound pollution (noise). Do not dispose of garbage unless this is marked on the host page. The RV’s toilet must not be emptied in the host’s toilet!